Top Upgrades For Your Audi A7

January 28th, 2020

The Audi A7 is a stylish and sporty sedan, complete with many technologically advanced tools and comfortable luxuries. Because the A7 is so stylish and powerful, it is a popular vehicle for owners to upgrade and further personalize for the best driving experience.

There are a wide variety of car modifications that you can make to several different aspects of your Audi A7. Some are affordable, and some are very expensive. Some are quite easy to do yourself, but others take a bit more expertise to complete. You can modify your car to change the appearance, feel, or performance.


There are several modifications you can do to change the appearance of your Audi to better suit your style. Both the inside and outside of your vehicle can be personalized to your liking.

Audi A7 Exterior

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If you're no longer thrilled with the color of your car, or you want to add some pop, this car mod is for you. Vinyl wraps are a much cheaper way to change the color or accents of your vehicle without undergoing an expensive paint job. You can get a wrap to cover the whole car or just the roof, or you can get accents, like stripes, to make your car look more attractive. Most people have a professional install these as the process needs to be very precise, but you can also do it yourself with a lot of time and patience. There are also wraps available for the interior trim of your vehicle, which is a great way to give the inside and outside of your car a cohesive look.

Seat Covers Or Racing Seats

Seat covers are an easy way to spruce up the interior of your vehicle and give your car a completely new look. They are inexpensive and you can easily put them on yourself. If you're really looking to upgrade your seats, racing seats are an even bigger upgrade for the interior. Racing seats and harnesses not only look nice, but they keep you securely in your seat while maneuvering the car. This enables most people to better adjust the steering and braking since they don't need to worry about bracing their bodies, as well.

Front Grille

A front grille update to your Audi A7 can drastically change the look of your vehicle. Front grilles are available in many different designs and colors to get the aesthetic that you want. Front grilles are also available without the logo.

Window Tint

Window tint adds an aura of mystery to the vehicle. Some are dark, and some are even mirrored. Either way, the purpose is to darken the window so it is harder or even impossible to see in from the outside. If you're looking to tint your vehicle's windows, always check with state guidelines. Every state has different laws regarding the percentage of window tint allowed and which windows are allowed to be tinted. Heavy tint on the rear and side windows can affect visibility, so always make sure that you can see clearly before heading out on the road.


Wheel upgrades can make a big difference in the appearance of your Audi and allow for some personalization. Wheels come in all kinds of designs and colors. You can stay with the regular black or silver, or you can spring for a metallic purple if you'd prefer. There are also special-effects wheels available that create a moving optical illusion, which is sure to turn heads! Lighter wheels are the best choice for the best handling of your vehicle. (More on wheels in this article.)

Audi Wheels>

Performance And Convenience

If you're looking to tweak the performance of your Audi to increase speed, handling, or efficiency, there is a mod for that. A bit of a makeover under the hood for your car can make a big difference.


Many people don't consider tires to be a modification. But if you spend money on the right kind of tires, you will see a big improvement in how your car handles. Your tires are the point of contact and friction with the road. It won't matter if you improve braking and speed if you don't have the correct tires to allow for better handling. Buy good tires, it's worth it.

Infotainment System

A new infotainment system is a great upgrade, especially if you have an older car with outdated technology. Head units are fairly easy to install and with them come an upgraded touch screen, music, navigation, and additional available applications. This is also a great time to add in cameras or new speakers to complete the package.

Headlight Upgrade

Headlight upgrades are especially useful for those who may have older Audis and want to make them look newer and more streamlined. Projector headlights look really neat, and some also have LED strips that come pre-installed right in the unit itself.

If your Audi's low beams are halogen, they can also be upgraded to LED lights. LED lights look better than halogen; they are also much brighter and increase visibility.

Suspension Lifts

Lifting the suspension is popular among Audi owners, and it can look great if done correctly. A suspension upgrade will also allow the car to handle much better and can even be customized for the way you drive. Some states and insurance companies do have limits for height adjustments, so always do your research before modifying the suspension height on your vehicle.


An exhaust upgrade can be an aesthetic modification or it can be a performance modification. To change the appearance of the car and the sound that it makes, some people will replace the exhaust cap that can be seen at the back of the vehicle. If you're willing to spend a bit more, the entire exhaust manifold can be replaced with a stainless-steel manifold with larger tubing. This will provide better airflow, more power, and better sound.

Subwoofer And Speakers

While the stock sound system is fine, there is always room for upgrades. If you are someone who always has the music cranking, you may want to consider high-end speakers and a subwoofer for the absolute best sound quality. Not only can you listen to your jams louder, but the bass will be upgraded and the sound will be clearer.

Under The Hood

Most of the car mods done under the hood are for performance or fuel efficiency. These mods can fine-tune your machine to work as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Spark Plugs

Changing from stock spark plugs to those of a higher quality will create more combustion in your engine. The higher combustion translates into more power and better fuel efficiency. Spark plugs are a great place to start because they are cheap and easy to install.

ECU (Engine Control Unit) Flash

The ECU controls the air-fuel ratio that your engine uses, which in turn controls the efficiency and power. The parameters for these are set in the factory, and they are usually conservative in their settings, meaning that the engine likely is not operating at its absolute best. By reprogramming the ECU, you can unlock your engine's potential for better power, and it can sometimes increase fuel efficiency, as well.

Turbochargers and Superchargers

A turbocharger or a supercharger will allow more air into your engine, creating a power boost. A supercharger is similar to a turbocharger, but it operates with a belt-driven compressor. Many of the newer Audis are already turbocharged but it can be added to older Audis. These systems are legal as long as the modification doesn't cause your vehicle to fail emissions or safety tests. Nitrous oxide, another boost, is not legal to use for street driving, but it's also a way to boost power if you do participate in racing with your Audi A7.

Cold Air Intake

A cold air intake is essentially a performance air filter. The cold air intake has a higher airflow, which allows more air into the engine. More air increases the performance and horsepower of the engine. The engine gets hot as you drive, and the intake will pull in cool, dense air to keep your engine working at optimal performance.

Synthetic Oil

Many proud Audi owners have switched to using synthetic oil in their cars. This is probably one of the easiest upgrades that you can make. Synthetic oil is more expensive, but the fewer impurities in the oil will help it to last longer and keep sludge from forming. It also offers better protection from extreme temperatures. Synthetic oil will increase your engine's performance as well as its life span.

As any Audi A7 owner knows, it is a great car that looks and performs great straight from the factory. If you do want to customize the car to make it better suited to your tastes and your driving style, there are several modifications available. To buy parts for your Audi A7 at a great price, use our parts finder.